Preparing Your Ideal Birth Plan

The Maternal Health Network partnered with local subject matter experts at the Medical Society of San Bernardino, the San Bernardino Fatherhood Partnership Project, and Sankofa Birthworkers organization to create an educational bundle on what they think are the three most important things families need to know when creating their ideal birth plan.

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The Maternal Health Network has developed a consumer presentation toolkit, compiled resources specific to preparing your ideal birth plan, and created video vignettes that can be used by members of the Maternal Health Network when talking with families.

Consumer Presentations

Subject matter experts from within the MHN membership provided what they viewed as the three most important things for families to know about each community education topic.

These presentations can be implemented by any type of maternal health provider to include peer volunteers, community service partners, health workers and medical providers.  That said, it is highly recommended that anyone who is preparing to facilitate a workshop view the facilitator tips and tricks video in the subsequent section.

All materials can be customized and co-branded.
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Videos have been developed that can be used for a variety of purposes.  The Facilitator Tips and Tricks video will help providers prepare for workshop facilitation, while the other videos can be used during the workshop, as a stand-alone educational component in waiting rooms, and they can also be posted on websites or social media platforms.