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Our Members

The Maternal Health Network represents a collection of individuals and organizations who have come together to help improve the experience and outcomes for families who are planning to get pregnant, those who are pregnant, and those who have recently delivered a child.

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The Maternal Health Network welcomes participation from service providers that support the maternal health system throughout San Bernardino County.
As an active member, you will receive our weekly newsletter, have access to all of our training and resources, and be consulted on activities to support our strategic plan implementation. Membership is free, we just ask for your time and input. 
The Membership includes:

  • Prenatal & Postpartum Primary Care Providers
  • Community Clinics & Birthing Hospitals
  • Oral Health Providers & Advocates
  • San Bernardino County Public Health
  • Midwives & Doulas
  • Health Plans
  • Law Enforcement & Detentions
  • School-based Services
  • Family Resource & Support Service Organizations
  • Breastfeeding Support Services & Coalitions
  • Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

Maternal Health Network Members

Member List

MHN Accountability Structure

To ensure the Network continues to grow, thrive, and implement its strategic plan, it has established an accountability structure that involves a backbone organization, a Leadership Team and a membership base made up of providers, advocates, and consumers within the maternal health system.
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