Trends in the Field

The Maternal Health Network is committed to sharing trends in the field to support providers within the maternal health system.

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Prenatal Care Adequacy Among Women With Disabilities: A Population-Based Study

This study assessed and compared prenatal care adequacy among women without disabilities and women with physical, sensory, and intellectual/developmental disabilities. The results demonstrate that among women with disabilities, there are differences in prenatal care adequacy based on disability status. They emphasize that inequitable access to prenatal care for women with disabilities, especially those with intellectual/developmental disabilities, must be addressed.

The Maternal Health Network uses evidence-based decision making to inform our work on behalf of families in San Bernardino County. In order for a program or practice to be recognized as evidence-based they must have demonstrated the highest level of evidence of effectiveness. By using evidence-based decision making, the Maternal Health Network organizes around outcomes, identifying indicators and collecting local data to determine areas of need and promising practices or activities. All decisions made by the Network are grounded in the best available evidence, and will continuously be revisited should new evidence become available that could inform a shift in our policies or practices.


The Maternal Health Network has compiled a list of community events that are open to the public being offered in San Bernardino County, the Inland Empire, or virtually. These are ideal for families looking to learn more about maternal health topics.


The Maternal Health Network has gathered various articles that span several topic areas, that can provide useful information and relevant stories that families can utilize in order to support them before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Evidence Based Practices

The Maternal Health Network has compiled a list of provider trainings that are being offered in San Bernardino County and the Inland Empire. These are ideal for providers looking to strengthen their practice by incorporating best practices or the latest research.