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Our Framework

The Maternal Health Network was established utilizing a collective impact framework, based on the understanding that issues facing the maternal health system in San Bernardino County were complex and required the joint contributions of multiple service sectors, partners, advocates and consumers.

Routine Checkup

The Maternal Health Network

is comprised of partners which include hospitals, doulas, mental health professionals, healthcare plans, lactation support specialists, family service providers, and families involved in the maternal health system. 

Collective Impact

The Stanford Social Innovation Review published a report of collective impact, which examined the approach as it pertains to large-scale social change. Through their analysis, researchers determined that large-scale change occurs through cross-sector coordination rather than from isolated interventions from individual organizations. Collective impact relies upon five inter-related pillars, which are summarized below.

Collective Impact & Equity


Community Engagement

The community works together to identify aspirations and use public knowledge to drive the vision of the partnership.


Shared Vision

Partners come together around a vision for improving outcomes.


Evidence-Based Decision Making

Partners organize around outcomes, identifying indicators and collecting local data to determine areas of need and promising practices/activities.


Collaborative Action

Community partners come together to collectively move an outcome.


Investment and Sustainability

Initiating or redirecting resources (time, talent and treasure) toward practices that have proven to demonstrate results on an ongoing basis.

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