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Education Curricula

The Maternal Health Network of San Bernardino County created a set of  Community Education Curricula to equip providers to support families with vital information before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Routine Checkup
Messaging and Communication
Each curriculum was developed through consultation with local subject matter experts and contains free, customizable resources that can be co-branded to meet your specific needs.  There are 12 curricula regarding key topics across the perinatal journey and they are available in both English and Spanish.

While the central component of each curriculum is a 30-minute educational presentation that can be offered by providers to families, the other materials contained within the curriculum can also be used to support general education and outreach efforts.
Jan_Physical Preparation.png
1. Physical Prep for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Preparing to get Pregnant

  • During Pregnancy

  • Preparing for Childbirth

Paint Stroke MHN Bundle Topics (2).png
2. Why Birth Spacing Matters
  • What is Birth Spacing?

  • Benefits for Mom

  • Benefits for Baby

Mar_Whole Body Health.png
3. Whole Body Health
  • Nutrition

  • Physical Activity

  • Oral Health

Apr_What to Expect After Delivery.png
4. What to Expect After Delivery
  • Changes in Your Body

  • Emotional Changes

  • Postpartum Visits

Paint Stroke MHN Bundle Topics.png
5. Mental Health During Pregnancy
  • Be picky about your provider

  • Identify your support system

  • Take care of your emotional health

Paint Stroke MHN Bundle Topics (1).png
6. Preparing Your Ideal Birth Plan
  • Planning with your provider

  • The birth environment

  • Flexibility and being prepared for changes

July_what to know in 1st trimester.png
7. What to Know in Your First Trimester
  • Get Connected

  • Get Educated

  • Advocate

8. Breastfeeding 101: Benefits, Tips, and Tricks
  • Benefits

  • Tips

  • Tricks

Sept_Preparing a Safe Home.png
9. Preparing A Safe Home for Baby
  • Make a plan

  • Emotionally Prepare

  • Identify and access your support system

Oct_Maintaining Healthy Relationships.png
10. Maintaining Healthy Relationships Before and After Delivery
  • Intimate partner violence

  • Healthy relationship with yourself

  • Healthy relationship with your support system

  • Healthy relationship with your community

Nov_What to Avoid During Pregnancy.png
11. What to Avoid During and After Pregnancy
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful substances

  • Dietary considerations

  • Physical limitations

Dec_Supporting Pregnant Family.png
12. How to Support Your Pregnant Family Member
  • Importance of Support

  • Practical Support

  • Emotional Support

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