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Provider Training
& Events

The Maternal Health Network is committed to equipping the maternal health system with a sufficient workforce to meet community needs in a culturally competent fashion.  As such it searches for and publishes professional training options that members may be interested in accessing.  

Medical Team
If your organization is hosting a provider training that you would like to be included on this website, please submit it here.

Provider Training Resources

Members of the Maternal Health Network identified several individuals who provide training on social determinants of health, culturally competent service delivery, and implicit bias in Southern California. The name, website, and contact information for the training providers are listed below alongside the topic area they specialize in. If you or someone you know offers training in one of these three areas and should be included in this list, please email

MHN Sponsored Training & Learning Opportunities

The MHN hosts bi-annual membership convenings structured to support cross-sector collaboration, targeted trainings on topics of interest, and to provide membership with updates on the new tools and resources that have been created on their behalf.  
The MHN Health Equity Learning Community was established to deepen the support for culturally safe practices for MHN members who are medical providers and community partners. This Learning Community will offer professional guidance and peer support in implementing standards of care with a focus on equity. Ultimately, this Learning Community will increase the workforce’s ability to meet community needs effectively and competently. The MHN Health Equity Learning Community

To participate in this opportunity, please register here
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