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Expert Insights: Pregnant and Parenting Teens (Week 1)

Welcome to our next Expert Insights series! Join Dr. Dretona Maddox DSW, BSN, RN-PHN, LCSW, as she delves into the topic of culturally safe and person-centered care for pregnant and parenting teens within the foster care system. Discover the power of genuine listening and creating nurturing environments to deliver trauma-informed care and meet individual needs. In this video, she sheds light on supporting pregnant and parenting teens in foster care by emphasizing active listening and creating safe spaces. Tune in to gain profound insights and transformative practices!

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Thank you Dr. Dretona Maddox for your organization and for being a speaker here. I would like to grow in my ability to provide trauma informed care in perinatal person medical care. Do you have any recommendations.

Replying to

Hi Juliana! Thank you so much for the comment. We will share with Dr. Maddox for her to address during the Zoom Q&A on Friday, March 22 from 11:00am - 12:00pm.

This week, all members of the learning community will be receiving a calendar invite and Zoom link to join the Q&A!

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