Babies are Born in San Bernardino County Every Year.

The Maternal Health Network has a vision that every family in San Bernardino County is empowered, respected, and supported in their journey to bring a healthy child into this world. However, this is not always the reality.

The Maternal Health Network of San Bernardino County: supporting healthy pregnancies, producing healthy babies, and promoting healthy communities.

Every Family, Everyday

The Maternal Health Network of San Bernardino believes that every family, every day deserves…
  • Equity
    Across socio-demographic and geographic boundaries, comprehensive systems are in place which provide respectful, equitable and effective care, eliminating health disparities.

  • Integrated
    Across systems, providers and sectors collaborate to create a seamless, efficient, no wrong door for women who are pregnant and for those who have just delivered a child.

  • Access
    Across multiple sectors, partners reach out to those not served and ensure services are provided to women where they are whether it be in jail, a program or in the community.

  • High-Quality
    Across the county, evidence-based practice is promoted, understood and implemented to achieve the best outcomes for women and babies.

  • Support
    Across the service spectrum, women are supported, feel safe, are treated with respect and are provided the information they need to make the best decisions for their health and the health of their child before, during and after delivery. 


Our Reason

The issues facing families are complex and require the joint contributions of multiple service sectors, stakeholders, and advocates within the maternal health system.
  • Systemic racism and its intersection with social determinants of health is responsible for poor maternal health outcomes for Black and African American families and other marginalized communities.

  • Lack of sufficient resources leaves many families struggling to get the help they need.

  • Providers don’t have everything they need
    to proactively identify risks, offer customized supports, or connect families to the comprehensive care they need.

Our Work

The Maternal Health Network is a group of organizations and individuals who have come together to help improve the experience and outcomes for families who are planning to get pregnant, those who are pregnant, and those who have recently delivered a child. 

The Network establishes partnerships between service sectors, uses data to drive continuous quality improvement efforts, and takes collaborative action to improve the health and wellness of families engaged in the maternal health system.


Birthing Supports
Primary Care & Oral Health
Mental Health & Substance Use
Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness
Priority Populations

Join Our Network

The Maternal Health Network is always seeking to partner with service providers, community stakeholders, and families to accelerate progress.