Maternal Health Experience

The Maternal Health Network uses relevant data to inform the experience of families accessing maternal health services before, during, and after pregnancy.

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

In 2019, the Maternal Health Network established a survey directed at maternal health consumers in San Bernardino County. Following the survey, the Network compiled the results into a report of the information collected through surveys completed by consumers of maternal health services. The report was used in association with a variety of other data sets (both quantitative and qualitative) to finalize the focus of the Maternal Health Network over the next 5-year period of time.



Members of the Maternal Health Network approved a 17-question survey tool which can be found in the appendix of the Consumer Survey Results report. Consumer surveys were distributed through the Network, offering respondents the option of completing the tool either on-line through Survey Monkey, or in hard copy form and sent back to SEI for data entry and analysis. Surveys were made available in English and Spanish. Surveys were collected over a period of 21 days (June 18– July 8, 2019). A total of 154 surveys were completed by consumers from across the county. The number of responses varies for each question as not all respondents answered every question on the survey. The number of respondents for each question, represented as the ‘n’ value, is listed in the title of each graph.

Survey Respondent Demographics


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