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Learning Community Hub

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A virtual community designed to support maternal health providers and service organizations in providing care within a client-centered, culturally-safe and respectful framework.

Content consists of brief 5-minute videos you can watch at your convenience, 30 min Zoom Q&A sessions with the experts, and access to resources like self-assessment and organizational assessments.

Expert Insights Sessions

Here's what to expect when you engage in the Expert Insights Sessions:

  1. Local experts across maternal health sectors share their perspective and offer tips on how to provide client-centered and culturally safe care as it relates to their area of expertise.

  2. As a new topic is released (usually at the top of the month), each week, for three weeks, a 5-minute video is posted to watch at your leisure.

  3. Throughout the month, submit questions and engage with other providers in the Learning Community.

  4. On the fourth and final week, join a virtual, 30-minute Q&A session with the local expert.

Click on the icons or text below to access each topic's video collection and resources!

Equity Assessments & Resources

Individual Assessment: What is Your Cultural Script? 

In practicing cultural humility you must recognize that “normal” is relative and that your worldview is only one of many. This 15-minute, self-reflective and introspective activity/video is meant to help you examine your own “cultural script" as you navigate life and provide support to the San Bernardino County community.  

Baseline Organizational Assessment for Equity Infrastructure

The purpose of this Baseline Organizational Assessment for Equity Infrastructure is to provide a streamlined tool whereby Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs) can collect baseline data on their current equity infrastructure and use it to inform their future planning for equity. 

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Equity and Support Resources: Organization Directory

A resource directory of organizations passionately activating individuals and communities towards a society and culture that values equity and access for all.

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