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Best Practice Briefs & Protocols

The Maternal Health Network has produced research briefs containing best practices, screening and assessment tools and protocols for implementation in the areas of universal screenings and support for women who are pregnant and involved in the criminal justice system.

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Criminal Justice Brief 2021
The MHN produced the Criminal Justice Brief which offers a framework of how to best serve women who are pregnant and involved in the criminal justice system. The Brief provides a background for why and how an expanded protocol for connecting women to care and community resources was established using a multi-disciplinary team of MHN membership.  

The brief contains three separate protocols for serving pregnant women who are incarcerated based on the extent of their time in custody.  

In addition to the brief, the MHN develop a pregnancy pamphlet that contained highlights the most common community resources needed by this vulnerable population.  To download this resource, click the button below
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Universal Screening Brief
The MHN produced the Universal Screening Brief which offers a number of tools and resources to support the implementation of universal screenings within the areas of interest as detailed in the strategic plan (areas of behavioral health, alcohol and other drug use, intimate partner violence, and healthy habits.)  

The Brief explains
1) why universal screenings are beneficial to those who are pregnant, and the evidence-based practices recommended for pregnant people and people of reproductive age who may become pregnant, 2) provides a review of assessment tools to support screenings in each area of interest, and 3) offers an effective framework for how to effectively implement universal screenings.  The brief was developed to be used throughout the Network and was not structed to a specific industry or professional type. 
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