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Bright By Text Provider Supports

The Maternal Health Network has partnered with Bright by Text, a free text messaging resource that offers families pregnancy and parenting tips specifically based on the child due/birth date.  In addition, by sponsoring the product, the MHN and its members can use the platform to distribute custom messages to participating families about local events.

To support outreach and utilization of this resource, the MHN is offering its members free outreach materials and encouraging organizations to utilize social media messaging that will compliment the digital ad campaign that has been launched to support family enrollment.  Lastly, member organizations can submit custom messages about community events they are hosting


Custom Messaging

Provders BBT
As an MHN member, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with families in San Bernardino to share your own community events through the Bright by Text app. 

To share a customized message, please fill out the form below and submit at least one week in advance of when you would like it sent out. Please review the local content guidelines and guidance on getting the most from your text before submitting your message to ensure it will grab the attention of parents and caregivers.  
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Local Content Guidelines
Getting the Most from Your Text
Bright by Text: Community Message Submission Form
Upload File

Social Media Promotion



Outreach Materials

If you would like to order outreach materials to support family enrollment into the service, please complete the form below.  Please expect a two-week turnaround for receipt of the materials to allow for ordering and mailing of the items requested.   
Outreach Material Submission Form
Items to Order
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BBT Poster English.png
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