Bright by Text

Bright by Text shares helpful tips, activities, and community events with families. Signing up is simple click here.  

MHN is partnering with Bright by Text to share custom messages with families in San Bernardino County. To learn how to submit custom messages, click here


For Providers

As an MHN member, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with families in San Bernardino to share your own community events through the Bright by Text app. 

To share a customized message, please fill out the form below and submit at least one week in advance of when you would like it sent out. Please review the local content guidelines and guidance on getting the most from your text before submitting your message to ensure it will grab the attention of parents and caregivers.  
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Local Content Guidelines
Getting the Most from Your Text
Bright by Text: Community Message Submission Form
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For Families

Are you expecting or have you recently delivered a baby? Congratulations! The Bright by Text app can help support you during pregnancy and once your baby arrives by sharing tips on how to prepare for your infant as well as essential guidance in the early days – like how to soothe a crying baby – and continue to send brain-building tips, bonding activities, and much more as your child grows. 

Signing up is simple. We only ask for your child’s due date (which you can update with their date of birth once the baby arrives) and your zip code. That way, you’ll get messages timed to their exact age and information about events and resources near your home. We will never share your info! Bright by Text is completely free, but message and data rates may apply. 

You can also text BabyIE to 274448 to sign up!