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Birth Equity

The MHN identified equity as the most pressing issue facing families in San Bernardino County.  Maternal and Infant health outcomes data combined with consumer experiences and provider input revealed that African American and Black families experience the most negative birth outcomes of any racial or ethnic subpopulation.  

As such, MHN has compiled and developed a variety of tools and resources that providers can use to elevate birth equity throughout San Bernardino County.

Opportunities for providers to use the tools and resources available through the MHN to support birth equity in their practice includes:

● Sharing the Consumer Survey Brief specific to Black and African American experiences with your team and use it to discuss organizational practices
● Distribute the PEI Tips sheets to colleagues to increase awareness of issues impacting Black families  
●  Download the PEI social media toolkit and the custom social media collateral to distribute birth equity messaging through existing networks  
●  Participate in provider trainings that support culturally safe practices  
●  Download and review tools and resources to support improved services to Black and African American families

Ways to Promote Birth Equity


Referrals to Programming that support Black and African American families

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets for how to customize supports for Black and African American families

Social Media Messaging

Social media messaging targeting Black and African American families

Additional Resources

Trends in the field


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Maternal Mortality in the United States Using Enhanced Vital Records, 2016‒2017

Researchers studied racial and ethnic disparities in maternal mortality in the United States. They found that the maternal mortality rate for non-Hispanic Black women was 3.55 times that of non-Hispanic white women. 

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